Clique - Director: Andrea Harkin
Producer: Brian Elvsley
Role: Editor

Dr Who (Series 10) - Director: Bill Anderson
Producer: Steven Moffit
Role: Editor

Paranoid - Director:  Mark Tondari
Producer: Nicola Shindler
Role: Editor

The Crucifixion - Director: Xavier Gens
Producer: Peter Safran
Role: Editor

Unforgotten - Director: Andy Wilson
Producer: Tim Bradley
Role: Editor/2nd Unit Director

Monochrome - Tom Lawes
Producer: Suzie Norton
Role: Supervising Editor

Strike Back I - VI - Director: Brendan Maher, Dan Percival, Bill Eagles, Micheal Basset, Julian Holmes
Producer: Micheal Casey
Role: Editor/2nd Unit Director

Dr Who Xmas Special 2014 - Director Paul Wilmshurst
Producer: Paul Frift
Role: Editor/2nd Unit Director

Musketeers Series II - Director John Strikland
Producer: Colin Wratten
Role: Editor

Crossing Lines Series I-II - Director Bill Eagles, Xavier Gens, Dan Percival
Producer: Ed Benero
Role: Editor

Kidnap and Ransom I-II - Director : David Drury, Andy Wilson
Producer: Trevor Hopkins
Role:  Editor/2nd  Unit Director

Waking The Dead 3-8 - Director: Andy Hay, Ben Bolt, Dan Percival, Philipa Langdale
Producer : Colin Wratten, Richard Burrell
Role: Editor/2nd Unit Director

Turn Of The Screw - Director: Tim Fywell
Producer : Colin Wratten
Role: Editor

Indentity - Director: Andy Hay
Producer ; Lachlan Mckinnon
Role : Editor

Primeval - Director: Cilla Ware
Producer - Tim Bradley
Role : Editor/2nd Unit Director

Invisibles - Director : Will Sinclair
Producer - Richard Burrell
Role : Editor

Sea Of Souls - Director: Andy Hay
Producer - Tim Bradley
Role - Editor

Robin Hood - Director : Richard Standeven
Producer Richard Burrell
Role : Editor

The Commander - Director : Tristian Powell
Producer - Lynda La Plante, Chris Hall
Role : Editor

Richard III - Producer : Stewart McGill
A modern day spin on the famous history play
Role : Director/Editor

Trial & Retribution - Director : Andy Hay
Producer - Lynda La Plante, Chris Hall
Role : Editor

Judge John Deed (C-F) - Director : Tristian Powell, Andy  Hay
Producer - G.F. Newman
Role Editor / Director

Afternoon Play - Directors: Adrian Bean, Terry Iland
Producer - Carson Black
Role : Editor

Grease Monkeys - Director: Ian Barns
Producer - Will Trotter
Role : Editor

Mersey Beat I-III - Director: Andy Hay, Jo Johnson
Producer - Kay Patrick
Role : Editor